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Songkran Holidays to Trang - April 2007

We took this trip with our "Travelling Buddies" i.e. P'Koong (Thai), Chor (Thai), Taka (Japanese), Nus (Thai), Sean (Malaysian) and Noot (Thai). This would be our 2nd trip together. Just for this trip, there was an additional Japanese student. Ethaniel has an additional friend ;-)

The chemistry of our group is extremely wonderful. Ivan and I are the only couple who has children. Taka and Nus are newlyweds. The rest are singles. We are very easygoing with each other. Everyone just goes with the flow, no complains but heaps of laughter and fun. Joel & Ethaniel enjoys the company of the group tremendously and vice versa. They truly love my children and I can see it in the way they treat them, with sincere affection. So, here goes another totally enjoyable trip!

12 April 2007, Thursday

Took almost 10 hours overnight journey in a van from Bangkok to Trang. We all slept in the van. Joel and Ethaniel slept like a baby.

13 April 2007, Friday

Tham Le Khao Kob Cave
We arrived in Trang and went to Noy's factory to meet up. She took us to Tham Le Khao Kob Cave. It was a real experience! There was a passage which we have to cross with a sampan. An overweight person with a belly will be badly scraped! Incidentally, if you are claustrophobic, it would be a traumatic experience. We were easily in a horizontal position for 5 mins.

After leaving the cave, we proceeded to lunch and then to the waterfall.

There are two things which made this waterfall so memorable:

Dream come true
I have always wanted to go to the source of a waterfall and not just downstream. That day, I managed to do that! Taka, Joel and I trekked up to the waterfall. It was a beautiful and breathtaking sight. It was like a dream come true! Difficult to express the emotions of gratefulness to God for the wonders of His creation.

Two days later, we discovered through friends who called up and the newspaper that there was a flash flood which happened at the exact waterfall and many were killed. We felt that our lives were spared! Actually when we left that evening, it was already drizzling.

That night we had dinner at Noy's friend's restaurant. The food was delicious and the night ended perfectly with a 2 hours massage at a local hotel.

That night we spent a night in Noy's house, our host. It was an amazing home. They designed it and built it themselves. Its very unique. Checkout the photos at my online album - Noy's House. Ivan and I loved the teakwood concept. It was absolutely stunning!

Khun Noy

14 April 2007, Saturday

We had breakfast hosted by Noy. Our intention was to go to Koh Muk Island but because the boat was delayed, we detoured and visited a land belonging to Noy. It was presently rented to a group of people rearing "Fighting Fish". The fishes here are World Champion.

Ethaniel & Joel trying to catch the fishes

Fighting fishes are reared in the containers

They also train the chickens fight

The Champions and selected ones are separated

This is a special location for the fishes to be reared because there are mountain springs that provides natural mineral water. This strengthens the fishes in a very different way.
After that, we went for lunch, hosted by Noy again. I had the largest and juiciest oyster I have ever eaten! It was huge! When its in my mouth, my cheeks are puffed up. Now my craving is satisfied. I had 3 of them... Ooo.... that was satisfying..... Burp!

To Koh Muk Island

We went to 2 destinations before arriving Koh Muk Island i.e. Koh Chuak Island, Emerald Sea Cave. To get to Emerald Sea Cave, we had to make a human chain to swim into the cave. It was high tide. It was pretty exciting. There is no picture here because we were not able to bring the camera in.

We arrived Koh Muk Island in the evening. The island was very quiet. Not too many tourist and that's good. We had a relaxing time. Doing nothing much really... eat, play football, Taboo, Pictionary and sleep.... That's what I call a holiday!

I have a video clip of a football game played by the adults and Ethaniel.

15 April 2007, Sunday

Still enjoying ourselves at Koh Muk Island

16 April 2007, Monday

We left to Amari Trang in the afternoon. Its was a beautiful 5 star resort. Very quiet too. There were hardly more than 10 people around the hotel. We loved the environment. Ivan, Joel, Ethaniel and I loved the place so much that we decided to extend our stay for another 2 nights. The rest of the gang will be leaving tomorrow with the van, so, we have to find alternative transport. Easiest alternative was to buy a bus ticket. We managed to get some seats, so, we are staying!! Hurray! For some pictures of Amari Trang Beach Resort & Spa visit Amari website.

Today was my birthday. We celebrated it at the Italian Restaurant at Amari Hotel. It was a very pleasant dinner. Ivan and the ladies bought a cake and we sang a birthday song. I was very happy to be able to spend my birthday with the people I love.

For more photos of our Trang trip, please visit my online album.

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