Friday, November 30, 2007

Preparation for Ethaniel's Birthday Party Tomorrow

Everybody is chipping in and doing their part to get Ethaniel's birthday party going.

Joel is wrapping presents

Ethaniel is blowing the balloons

Joel preparing the party packs

Have you heard about the game, "pinning the donkey's tail"? Well, this is another version called, "pinning the wheels on the car" - Joel's idea.

Ivan's part is to bring back some Hotwheel cars as prizes and party packs. AND pay for everything!!!

Lookout for more updates on his birthday party.. Not tomorrow, I have heaps of things to do and cook.... Maybe Sunday.

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Maiden Purple said...

Hi Chris,
Give Ethaniel a very big kiss from all of us to him. I know, belated, but nvm-lah, better late than never.

BTW, I enjoy reading your blog. Very interesting,keep it up.