Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Travelling Buddies or Enemies

My Mother wanted to visit me in Bangkok but was afraid to travel alone. I encouraged her to recruit some friends to travel together. After some time, she managed to recruit Ah Kam and Kam Yuk. Ah Kam is an old friend, whilst the other is a stranger (Ah Kam's friend).

This blog is about Kam Yuk...

Kam Yuk is a real character according to my Mother. A few days before leaving for Bangkok, she called Mom whilst she was out, so Dad took the call. She was extremely unhappy because she was not given the flight details (Dad helped to make the bookings via internet). She made a real racket! That was the beginning of the encounter.

Initially, they were to stay at my home but decided not to. Fine. Unfortunately, resulting in her refusal to stay, she also disallowed Mom to use her baggage space - 15 kg. Citing that she doesn't know Mom. Well, we were going to let her stay at my home! *rolling eyes*

She was adamant throughout check-in that Mom was not in any circumstances utilise her baggage providence (she had nothing to check-in) as a result, I didn't have my Kadus shampoo and black sauce "Hak see yau". She seems to profess to be a seasoned traveller. But her actions seem to contradict ...

As I was writing this blog, I received a skype call from my Dad in Malaysia. Apparently, Kam Yuk's son called up and delivered a bad news, Kam Yuk's husband passed away this morning. We could not contact her because yesterday, at the airport, she refused to let my Mom have her hotel contact or mobile number.

Indeed its a sad news.

Let's see, what is the moral of the whole story? Choose your travelling buddies properly, they might turn out to be enemies.

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