Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Maternal Grandmother

She was born in China, roundabout the year 1900. Child bride was a popular practice in those days, so, she was bethrothe at a very young age to a family of her parents. Her future Mother-in-law was very nice to her and treated her like a daughter. She was very much loved.

She eventually married and came to Malaysia. She had 11 children but 6 of them died. Four daughters and 1 son. My grandfather had a small grocery shop which helped to support the family. Grandmother helped by tapping rubber. There were very limited employment during those times.

One day, Grandfather was summoned by the Communist and he never returned. Grandmother was pregnant with Mom. Life was difficult, as poverty was prevalent.

As long as I can remember, we visited Grandmother in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan monthly. All 6 of us packed into the car for the weekend at Grandmother's house. My memories of her has always been seeing her 'wrinkled'. She must have been about 70 years old when I was born.

Grandmother is the sweetest, most gentle, best cook and amazing person in the whole wide world! During a time when I was in my late teens, hit with the bout of insecurities, she was there, loving me for who I am. I could be myself when I was with her.

I often like to clean Grandmother's home whenever we visited her. She was grateful and very complimenting. She told me once that I was such a great housekeeper and suggested that I take a job as a maid! It was so funny to me but the point was, she saw my potential ;-) I eventually became one. I got married, had two children and became a stay home Mom. She is a real prophetess.

She was such a great cook. One of the secret which makes her food taste mighty delicious was the use of wood and not gas. The home reared chicken at her backyard. The most tasty chicken I have ever eaten!!! I had a serious craving of those plain steamed chicken with a touch of salt rubbed all over its yellow skin, when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Ethaniel. I had bad morning sickness for many months and as I was laying there, I was fantasizing the juicy meat of those chickens I ate at her dinner table. It was impossible to satisfy that craving because by then, Grandmother has already passed away for 6 years.

She was really special, my maternal Grandmother. She passed on when I was pregnant with my eldest son, Joel. That was 11 years ago. How time flies because I felt as if it was just yesterday....

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