Thursday, November 29, 2007

Travelling Buddies or Enemies - Part II

I blogged on the above subject yesterday and this is the continuation.

Kam Yuk's son contacted my Dad in Malaysia, he in return contacted us in Bangkok. He was persistent in asking us to help. We wish we could but there was no way. Suddenly, Mom had an idea (bulb!). She recalled that Ah Kam had a list of hotels with her and asked them to call each one to inquire. That was the only thing we could do.

That evening, Ah Kam called up. The children managed to get them and Kam Yuk returned to Malaysia. Unfortunately, that leaves Ah Kam all by herself. She recruited Mom to join her... Hmm... Mom was in a dilemma. She wanted to think about it before making a decision. After some deliberation, she decided against it.

This morning, Ah Kam called up, crying in the phone. She complained that she is so lonely, afraid to go sightseeing by herself, cannot watch TV (all in Thai), cannot talk to anyone (nobody understands her), cannot sleep (too lonely) .... We tried to comfort her and explained to her that its pretty safe to travel around Bangkok. She insisted that Mom travels 1.5 hrs each way, just to accompany her sightseeing!

After talking to us, she felt better. I think she just needed to get all those frustrations out of her chest. According to Mom, she is an extreme extrovert. She CANNOT live without talking. Well, that explains, she almost "died" from lack of human contact and I am not exaggerating.

The good news is, Mom called her hotel in the afternoon and she was out! Go girl!!

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