Monday, November 12, 2007

Old but good... friends

It is common to hear people say "How time flies!" Is it true, does it really fly? Or does it snail by... I guess, when you are having a wonderful time then it flies but when the things we are doing is a drudgery then it goes by in sloooow moooootion.... Just like those times when I was in school. Holiday season seems to breeze by and school days seems to linger and linger and linger... We thought it was bad. Now we know better.

Those were the days of the innocence. Carefree, little responsibilities, get to hang out with friends and did some nonsense....

I still remember many of my friends from Church youth group and school. Eventhough I am not good with keeping in touch but I remember them every now and then. And all the good times we used to have.

After I left high school, I took up a temporary job before I went to college to study. After that, it was no stopping, my life was occupied with work and later marriage. I had my baby immediately after my wedding and have been busy for the past 12 years with family and work.

Of course, I made new friends, good ones too but I always remember my old friends from school days and church youth group. Somehow that stucked on...

I have some friends whom are still the same eventhough we have not met for donkey years... E.g. Suan Choo. I managed to catch up with her in Sept 06 when I returned to Malaysia for holiday. We chatted as if the 10 years that lapse between us, never happened. We took off, where we left. It was amazing! There were so many things we chatted and never seemed to have enough time... We went out twice that week. She didn't change much. Still pretty as ever. She has such a sweet smile and a youthful look with perfect fair silky skin. How I envy!

Suan Choo and I have been good friends since 16 years old. She is such an excellent listener and seldom judges me whenever I tell her things... even naughty things which I have done. So funny now that I look back!

How I treasure those moments.... The carefree days of my youth....

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