Monday, April 7, 2008

Holiday, Babysitter and Packing....

I posted a blog that we are going for a holiday to Jordan / Israel. That will be in 2 days time. I have been packing since last week. Not only for myself but for the children as well. Both the children will be staying with a Jewish Missionary couple i.e. Laurie and Mary.

I initially asked SH to babysit but she had to return to Malaysia for the long holiday and Laurie was kind enough to take both our boys for 11 days... Yes. Very brave.

When I was hunting for a babysitter, I was a little panicky.... Being away from our home-country and without relatives nearby. I have never left Ethaniel more than 1 night, EVER. As for Joel, a few days only - when I went to Hong Kong. But that was donkey years ago. Other than that, we have always gone on holidays together... US, Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

God seem to have open ALL the doors for us to go to Israel, especially a placing in the tour group from Singapore (two person dropped out at the last minute), visa from the Israeli Embassy (eventhough at 2 weeks notice), tour dates falling on Songkran festival (if not, no way for hubby to join) and financial providence. So, everything seems to have fallen into place EXCEPT babysitter.... Then. Laurie agreed to babysit. Hallelujah!!!! I was jumping with joy and happiness. I knew that God will see us through.

The wonderful thing about Laurie and Mary, I could TRUST them fully because we have known them since the day we arrived in Bangkok. They are such wonderful and precious friends who absolutely love God and people. They have a heart of gold. They also absolutely love Joel and Ethaniel (hopefully they still feel that way after the end of the babysitting ;-)).

One of these days, I will write some of Mary's testimonies which she shared with me. She has been a great source of encouragement. In fact the testimonies she shares has many times sent tears to my eyes and leaves a great hunger in my heart toward the things of God. When I talk to her, I stay glued. Like a great story teller, the words flow from her lips with ease...

Thank you Laurie & Mary. You are an answered prayer. By the way, I have given Ethaniel some pep-talk about behaving well... No guarantee though.


GarGies said...

Boy, so soon already? I thought I just read about your holiday plans just yesterday, no?

Anyway, just want to drop a note to say have fun before you take a break from blogging!

Have lots of fun!

Kellan said...

WOW that is going to be a great trip and you are so lucky to find someone you trust to take care of your kids, that is wonderful. I hope you have a fabulous trip. Take care - Kellan

Garrison said...
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JO-N said...

I hope you enjoy your trip and to have someone you trust to take care of your kids is great and leave you worries free when you are there.