Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where We Stayed 1st Night in Jordan

Our first night in Jordan, we stayed at Grand View Hotel. This would be my first and last time posting about a hotel we stayed whilst in Jordan / Israel tour. Every other night we were in different hotels. By the 2nd day, I stopped taking photos of our accommodation. Anyway, there were more interesting photos than the hotel.

Like the name of the hotel, the view behind the hotel is indeed pretty grand. No, not the Marriot Hotel view at the background .... the hotel which we WANTED to stay but DID NOT.... ;-)

Front view of the hotel

This is the view I am talking about. It was absolutely amazing! This is a photo taken at dawn just beside the hotel. I could stand there staring into the mountains for hours, with the cool breeze blowing into my face... Heavenly!

Admiring the beauty of nature... Ahem... Did I sound like I was talking about myself? Oops, I meant the mountain but it could be implied to me too ;-). I know, I know, self praise is an international disgrace.

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Kellan said...

Pretty picture of you and yes - that is an amazing place - beautiful!! You are so lucky to be there and being able to see this beautiful place. Have fun and be careful - Kellan

JO-N said...

Chris, the building in Jordan is so different from Malaysia. Well, I have just read your previous post and view your album too. Nice pictures and it's great to be able to travel to visit places and learn about other people's culture.

sting said...

the view quite breathtaking ya.. got picture of the hotel room? :-)

Angela said...

Your trip sounds great