Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Is What Sacrificial Love Is All About

The night before we left for our holiday, I sat on my boys bed. It was bedtime. I just sat there with my notebook computer on my lap. Just hanging around while they listen to their online story - Adventures in Odyssey.

Ethaniel seeing that I was leaning on the wall, came over with his pillow and fit it nicely behind my back so that I could sit comfortably. He didn't even ask me if I wanted it, he just knew.

Then he went to his bed and used his bolster as his pillow.

Joel took his pillow over to his younger brother's side and shared his pillow with him. Both of them snuggled together sharing one pillow and fell sound asleep.

I wanted to remember that moment forever. They DON'T share their pillow with each other for ANY reason. Its a very personal possession to both of them - especially bed time.

That is my boys sacrificing their pillow for Mummy. They didn't have to say, "I love you, Mummy" but I could read their actions LOUD and CLEAR.

Yes. Is all this small little things that makes Motherhood so memorable.


Angela said...

Now that is special.

GarGies said...

That is really sweet.

Your boys are wonderful angels, and the whole credit goes to you and your hubby, of course. This only shows how well both of you bring them up.

I wish I can do as good as you, but seeing my children don't have those impromptu shows of care, I think I did a poor job.

Care to train them up for me ah? :)