Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Different Can They Be?

The first few days of our holiday, Joel had a very tough time. He missed me tremendously. He called me on the mobile phone, crying. Obviously I felt really bad. It was tough for both him and me. I would call him a few times a day just to check on him.

I was very distracted because I felt really bad for him.

The surprising thing was, I thought that Ethaniel was the one who will be having a hard time missing us. Apparently not. According to Mary, he was embracing life and really coped well. His older brother, Joel on the other hand, whom I thought was doing pretty well was the one crying his eyeballs out! He did not show any signs of emotions until I left him.

Joel said that he NEVER wants to be apart from me EVER again! Not 10 days... maybe 5 days is OK. *sigh*

I guess when he goes to camps for 3 days 2 nights for Royal Rangers camp, he doesn't even think about me... when all his friends are there and they have a great time together. But being left behind is no fun.

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GarGies said...

I can perfectly understand how you felt. That was the time I left my children in Mal with my mom and went to BKK with my hubby for a 4D/3N holiday during CNY. Goodness, I can't sleep one of the nights thinking about my youngest one. I told myself, I ain't gonna do that again. Either whole family go or stay wherever we are.