Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This and That While Staying in the Hospital

While staying in the hospital....

x-tray of Joel's head

A life picture of his eardrum

The nurse squirt saline into one side of the nose and the liquid comes out at the other side. This helps to clear his nasal of yucky slimy snot. Pretty effective but he HATES to do it. The nurse said that he was a very good boy. Didn't complain at all.

what he didn't get to eat

his actual meal

His visitors.....
Dad's colleague, Khun Ching

Ong & Jennifer

Dad's colleague
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Kellan said...

Oh, Poor Joel. I hope he is getting better and out of the hospital soon. I was just in the hospital for 8 days and I wouldn't want him to have to stay there any longer than necessary. I will pray for him. Take care - Kellan

Lee-Lian said...

Sis, Glad to hear Joel is better and will be recuperating at home. Sometimes drinks like powerade or 100 plus helps to hydrate the body and give it a quick boost. Hugs and kisses from us. Tell Joel that my boys are thinking of him and praying for his recovery. Love u all, sis

Angela said...

I do hope Joel feels better soon. I am sure that had to be scary for you.
Sending some good thoughts and a prayer

JO-N said...

Looking at Joel's smile, I know he is much better now compared to the previous days. Get well soon Joel.

Maiden Purple said...

Tried calling Ivan yesterday to find out how Joel's doing. Glad to know that he's recuperating. Wishing Joel a speedy recovery from all of us, love, hugs and 'sloppy' kisses. You take care of yourself too Chris, Corinne & all at home

GarGies said...

Finally back to normal. Whew! So happy for you. It's really not an easy job to be a mother. All the agony and worry. Thank God everything is well.

It's time for you to take a good rest from now.

Kellan said...

I hope Joel is okay - out of the hospital and you all have a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan