Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lack of Energy?

Since December 2007 last year, I have been taking Essence of Chicken whenever I feel very tired and lethargic.

It all started when we traveled around Thailand. Holiday was tiring, you know. Driving, different bed every night, long hours in the car, etc. I noticed that all kinds of essence are sold in 7 Eleven. You can find 7 Eleven at every corner all over Thailand. Its not uncommon to see the local Thais purchasing the essence and downing it. So, I thought that I will try it. It really worked. I felt much better.

Of course, in the last one week, I have been having long sleepless nights due to my Joel's illness. Actually a few days before that, I was down with a slight flu. So, I was physically tired too. The Chicken Essence really helped me. I am going to take a dozen pack for my holiday to Israel. I have already bought it.

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Angela said...

It is strange how some things seem to work very well.

JO-N said...

I'll take some of these when I'm lack of energy too. When are you going to Israel?