Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Will Miss You!!!! *sniff sniff*

I definitely will miss my two boys.... I didn't know how much until two days ago.

Ethaniel took the digital camera upstairs. I didn't know why.

A few minutes later, I walked upstairs to take some clothes for wash... Then, I saw Ethaniel holding the camera. I told him not to mess around with it. He played his video clips.... I was shocked!

He made a video "Goodbye Message". It was meant for me to watch it while I was away from him. It was shockingly touching. He was in tears telling me that he loved me and to remember him, everyday.

Oh my. I was so touched. I don't think I have ever been more touched and moved. I didn't realise that my 6 years old boy could express so much of emotions that most adults know nothing about.

Ethaniel's "Goodbye" message to me which he took candid without my knowledge


cy said...

Leaves me totally speechless. Don't worry, I'll try my best to pop by to see them in your absence.

sting said...

that's so touching.. though I couldn't catch some of the words he was saying but I found myself crying too at the end of the video.. *hugz*

Angela said...

So precious
So much love
I was also in tears

JO-N said...

You have a good boy there and I know you are a great mom too. It's so touching. He misses you and it's difficult for him to part with you.

GarGies said...

Oh, he made me cry as well!!

Poor boy, I can feel his agony of not seeing you for the longest time in his life already.