Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 2 - Petra, Jordan (Part 2)

Walking in Petra that day was very hot and sandy. If you open your mouth wide and long enough, you can feel your teeth grinding on sand. Its my first experience standing, walking and touring a country with so much of sand. The nearest desert I have been to was Las Vegas.

Strangely when under shades its very cooling. Unlike Bangkok right now. Under shades or not, its HOT period.

Everywhere I look, I see brown and earth color. Green is not the standard color, as in Malaysia or Thailand.

Another view of the Treasury

Royal Tomb

Amphitheatre specially for the dead. Singing to entertain the dead.

My, what a hunk ;-).
This photo is specially dedicated to all you gals who regularly visits my blog (blowing kisses).
I have to admit, there are many beautiful men and women in Jordan & Israel. I should relocate there for the sake of my 2 sons.

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