Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Joel's condition - Part 2

Joel's condition last night was bad. He had very bad headache which could not be soothe with paracetamol or massage. The massage I gave to him was only a temporary relief. He tossed and turned till 2am. He also had bad stomach cramps. The grumbling feeling and pain caused him immense pain. He kept calling for me at 20 mins interval. I gave him some of the leftover medication for stomach cramps which helped a little.

sick at home

I could sense his frustration and weariness. What does a Mother do at a time like this? Pray.

At last at 2am he dosed off.

In the morning at about 7.30am, I packed some clothes for both him and me, just incase we need to get admitted into the hospital. When we met Dr Napolid, the Paedatrician at Samitivej Hospital, I mentioned that I had preferred for Joel to be admitted due to his inability to consume food or water. He was getting weaker physically. His condition when in pain was disheartening to see.

I had to do the processing of the Admission. A deposit of THB50,000 (RM5,000 / USD 1,429) has to be made. So, I used my credit card while the Company work on the processing of the insurance with the hospital. Before that, they asked me what type of room had I wanted Joel to stay. I looked through the list, the standard room was THB4,200 (RM420 / USD120) per room per night.

waiting for x-ray and ultra sound

They took his X-ray of the face and ultra-sound for the abdomen and that took 2 hours because they had to wait for his bladder to be full before they can take an accurate scan of his abdomen. After that, we went to the room while Joel continued with some further test. They poked him 2 times on the right hand to draw blood for the blood test and once on the left hand for the drips. They also washed his nasal with saline.

The results of the x-ray showed that his abdomen is OK but his face shows that his sinus is inflamed. The blood test shows that he does not have influenza rather it was a bacterial infection. They do not know the cause. Hmm... So, as a result of the infection, high fever, it complicated his sinus, therefore the headache. The stomach cramps were due the empty stomach and acid secretion.

After admission

They put him on drips immediately upon admission. He slowly felt better when they gave him medication for the stomach cramps and painkiller for the headache. By late afternoon, he was watching TV with Ethaniel.

My bed

He had a good sleep that night..... while I slept on the sofa.

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. I really really appreciate it.

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Lee-Lian said...

Sis, We're glad that Joel is feeling much better now. Thank God! I know how helpless you feel when your child is unwell and you can't do anything to make it better. Thank God he's okay. Give him a hug from us. Love u all.

JO-N said...

When I saw the first photo, I was a bit worried. Glad he is better now. Hope his condition improves further and you take care.

CY said...

Take care, Chris and Joel. Drink plenty of water. We'll skip this week's badminton, its OK.