Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Around the World

Ethaniel looking so cute in his Chinese costumes. He said that he looked u.g.l.y.
And all of us disagreed! Everybody thought that he looked so cute.

I am so proud of both of my children for participating in The Christmas Around the World play yesterday at church.

Actually, Ethaniel has been soooooooo shy about joining. Of course I was in shock and disbelief. He is usually the life-of-a-party boy. Often entertaining us. Surely this is a side of him I have not seen.

How does he become The Entertainer now and then The Shy Boy the next.

Of course, like any smart Mummy who-knows-her-son-best, I whipped out my tactic to get him to cooperate... a lot of threats (which did not work) and then ... one gum ball, one lollipop and a cup of Slurpee.

That did the job!

Since they did not attend most of the practices, they had minor roles but they still had a blast and it was a great experience.

(will post some more pictures later)

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shoppingmum said...

A gum ball, one lollipop and a cup of Slurpee sound like too hard to resist for a kid. LOL!

Angela said...

Hey isn't candy magic!
It is amazing what that stuff will make hapen.