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Prophecy by Cindy Jacob

You might recall that I went for the Cindy Jacob seminar a few weeks ago from 13 to 15 Nov 2008. I have been meaning to type out her prophecy over Thailand but the procrastinator in me took over. I was so glad when a friend emailed it to me... Thanks Doreen.

I want to share the prophecy with you.


I Am Coming Like A Mighty Rushing Wind. There is a Pentecost coming – with Wind and Fire, bringing a Great Reformation to change things as if in a day. Look to South Thailand. Revival is beginning to burn in South Thailand. The glory of God is upon South Thailand. Send workers - there will be many miracles - the lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, village after village will be coming to the Lord. The Fire will burn from the North and the fire will burn from the South and will burn toward the Central.

The number of believers in Thailand is doubling and doubling. God is sending Revival to this Nation. This is Harvest Time.

This is the Land flowing with milk and honey. There will be more shaking but don’t be afraid. The Lord will bring Josiah Reforming generation. I have surprises for you. I am doing a new thing, roads in the wilderness. There will be a great Economic Reformation coming to Thailand, Great Wealth and spirit of innovation in young men and women. Don’t be discouraged in great shaking.

Entering a Decade of Harvest

Entering a Decade of Harvest : In 2009, it will begin. In 2010, Fire begins in fullblown. 2010-2020, I will fill this nation. More churches will be planted, more than in all the years before.

I will fill the universities with My Fire and Glory. There will be revival among university students, a Great Jesus Movement. It will burn like fire - North-South-East-West. Begin to pray for the universities.

But the secret of my power is in the children. There is power in children. The 3 year olds and 10 year olds will be used to totally transform Thailand.

Thailand will officially connect with Israel which will be done on governmental basis. When this is done, blessing of God will come like never before.

Prepare in 2009 with Daniels and Josephs bringing about market place revival. A shift and change are coming. Many people will come and ask “How did you hear God about this Reformation in Thailand?” Because Thailand will be A Shining Stars for Reformation in Asia.

Words require actions, engage the word. This is a season of full circle – things that were never finished; finish it now. Make your dreams happen. You have one year (2009) to prepare for the Decade of the Harvest. Prepare regional evangelists. There will be revival in all sectors, great transfer of wealth, wisdom and revelation.

There will be Secular Media Revival. Thailand is called to make film and T.V. God will give you money for your dreams. There will be Revival through film, entertainment industry, prophetic mantle on secular media.

The Lord says, I am going to expose great sin in the coming days from the top to the bottom. I am coming with my refiner’s fire.But do not be afraid of the fire, but welcome it. Because I am going to purge My Church. After I finish the purging, I am going to purge the Nation. The Lord says the reason you can not solve the problems of the government is My government needs to be established in the church first.

The Lord says, if you will become a holy church and if you will preach on holiness, I will solve the problems of the nation, says God. And the Lord says, I will vindicate the innocent. But I will convict the guilty. The Lord says, the fear of the Lord is going to start falling on the church in Thailand. It is coming to convict people of God

You write it down. God is very serious about this. He is giving some of you a season to repent. If you repent I will protect you. If you do not repent you are going down.


There is such a calling upon Thailand. I’m telling you, a call to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. This is a new wineskin for Thailand. Father God, there are many here that are being stirred today. That will have a visitation for the nations. Ask of me the nations.

Father God, for the pastors here, you are going to send out armies of missionaries to the ends of the earth. Father God, the call to evangelize Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia. Father God, I thank you right now, send out millions. The Lord just says the numbers of missionaries per capita from Thailand will be amazing.

The Lord shows me that people used to say, well the Africans are going everywhere to preach. Now it will be the Thai – they are going everywhere to preach the gospel. Hundreds of missionaries will preach the gospel all the way back to Jerusalem.

Father, give us a heart for the lost. Let us preach to those no one cares about, but You care about them. To the millions of people in Central Asia that do not know you ever lived, Jesus. Let God give you a fresh passion. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, send out laborers from Thailand, O God. For Burma, Malaysia,Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. Don’t think of yourself that you need missionaries, you be the missionaries.

Holy Spirit. Right now…The Lord says, Prepare language schools for your youth. Prepare to teach the Thai youth the language of the nations of the earth. Prepare them to go to English speaking nations. Prepare them to go to Spanish speaking nations. I see a wave of leadership from Thailand to Europe to re-evangelize Europe. I see many Asian leaders going to Germany, the land of Reformation. To go to France, to go to Austria. Do you know there are more Christians in Mongolia than in Austria? The fields are white with harvest.

Ask God to use you. Use me, use me in some way, God. You might be a business person who will do business with Europe. Ask God to show you a way to touch nations that need the fire of Christ.

O Lord, Send the fire, send the fire upon us God. We need the Holy Spirit’s fire once again. Lord, send the fire like the Salvation Army had in England, they would change the nation. We need William Booths who started the Salvation Army. We need those who are willing to suffer the reproach of men to preach the gospel

This may be unusual for a morning meeting but I want to say, have you lost your fire? Has your passion for Jesus grown dim? Do you love him as much today as you did when you were first born again. Ask God to send fire into your heart. Have you lost your fervor. If you have ever loved God more yesterday than today, the fire has grown dim. Say send the fire God, come on say it.

Send the fire, we want a Holy Spirit visitation, fire for the nations, fire for souls.

Thank you Lord, you love the lost. Ask for more fire. Put your hand on your heart, God, light my heart aflame for you. Send the fire into me first God send the fire. Holy Spirit, baptize them with fire. Baptize us with fire. We want to change nations. Thank you Lord. Tell the Lord, use me, use me, use me to change my nation. Use me to change the nations of the earth.

Now the Lord wants to give you new vision for souls

How many souls do you want for the gospel?

Ask Him how many souls you want….

(Notes Taken and Transcribed By Melinda, Helen, Joy, Anna and Caro)

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