Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is around the corner. Everyone is in a festive mood.

I love Christmas time. I love the Christmas songs. The bright lights and decorations on the Christmas tree. Eventhough, since last year I have disposed of my Christmas tree because it was a pagan belief rather than symbolic of Christ's birth. But still. I love to look at the Christmas tree and lights.

It has always given me a special feeling, Christmas time.

The Christmas songs at KSBJ, an internet radio is incredible! Click here to enjoy it. I have been having it switched on the whole day and it just gives me all this amazing "Christmassie" feeling.

I am the first generation of Christian, so, Christmas time is not a family occasion. We embrace the meaning but its not like Chinese New Year, whereby all of us gather around for a family reunion and dinner. This year we might not even be spending it in Bangkok but instead in Chiang Mai. Since we are going for a Mission Trip and holidaying in the North. Doubt we will be back in time by Christmas.

We don't bake and cook Christmas pudding, turkey or all those stuff that most Caucasians do. Eventhough I would love to stuff my face with it.

I think this year, I will take the time to write a post on my gratefulness to Jesus, my Savior, for coming into this world. To tell Him how much He means to me and appreciate the magnitude of what He has done.

How are you going to spend your Christmas?


shoppingmum said...

Wow, thanks for letting me know about the online radio, I almost doze off in the office just now. LOL!
I don't have plans for Christmas yet, but we will go to Chiangmai on Boxing Day.

OnlineBiashara said...

Since cristmas tree it's a pagan belief this means you like paganism when you said you like to look at the tree and cristmas lights or did I get you wrong?

Beth in NC said...

I will be rushing back and forth between family members on Christmas day. Our 3 year old daughter will really enjoy opening presents this year.

I understand what you are saying about the Christmas tree. I went through a season in my life where I wanted everything that was founded on (or touched by) paganism GONE, but even Easter would be tampered with. Ha. Unfortunately, we are a melting pot and Christianity has been touched as well. I look at the tree as a beautiful symbol of the LIGHT of Christ. I think of the star that led the wise-men to find the Christ child.

I pray you really enjoy your Christmas!

Bless you,