Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We have been staying in this Mooban (village) since we arrived in Thailand. Minus 3 weeks in the hotel upon arrival.

After moving in a few months, we had a new neighbor, just opposite our house.

He moved in with a .... hmm... err... with a partner who can be his daughter. Long legs, long hair, annoyingly slim and a distraction to the males in my home. Anyway. Since then she has left and there has been 1-2 more girls who has come and gone. He is now partner-less. Poor fella.

On a Saturday night, a few days ago, at about 4am in the morning, we were rudely awaken by a blasting music in English and Thai. Due to the loudness of the music, we woke up abruptly and a little blur.

Upon peeping out of the window, which is just above our head, we saw this neighbor returning after a rendezvous and probably too-much-booze night. We presumed that he will eventually off his blasting stereo once he parked his car, cover his convertible and go into his house. After all, its 4am. Duh!

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

When you are trying get back to sleep after being rudely awaken at 4am, 5 mins is a long time. Forever. Its like watching wet paint dry.

"La la la la .... I cannot hear you". Its not working. I can still hear the LOUD music.

"Hey! Off your radio!" I screamed from the window. No response. I presumed he did not hear me over his blasting stereo.

Then Hubby went downstairs with a flashlight, intending to give a piece of his mind. He shouted a few times but no response. Then he flashed his torchlight at this half-drunk fella, who eventually took out a cigarette and started smoking, pretending he is having an English tea session with himself. I could just imagine Hubby's blood boiling... bubble.. bubble..

When a particular song was in intermission, Hubby shouted again, "Shut off your radio! Its 4am!"

He responded by shutting off the stereo and proceeded to scream very loudly, "OK, go to sleep". "I am not wrong. You are the one who is wrong", "F---", @*#*^$*"

We were getting worried when he went on and on challenging Hubby to go out. We hear so many stories of mafia, gangsters and Thai shooters. He could be a Mafia gang leader for all we know. He must be someone important if he owns an Mercedes SLK. Then again, maybe not, he could be a middle aged man who still gets pocket money from his Daddy. But unfortunately not enough pocket money to employ a cleaner to make his home livable.

After that I prayed, "In the name of Jesus, I silent you spirit of drunkeness. Keep quiet". Immediately, he kept quiet. Eventhough he was still standing at his gate, he was no longer shouting. He mumbled a few more sentences but no more shouting. Thank God!

We prayed some more to ask God to protect us.

The next day, we kept the BB gun near to our bed. Nobody mess with us. Hmph.

condition of his yard

practically ruined porch

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shoppingmum said...

You have a BB gun? :P
BTW, your mooban has security guards right? Next time let them do the job. :P

goolypop said...

aiyooo.. drama! Strange fella.. fancy car, but dingy hse. Take care hoh.. or move to our mooban :)