Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Used to Climb REAL Trees

When I was growing up till the age of 8 years old, I had many opportunities to roam an orchard full of fruit trees e.g. Rambutans, Mangosteins, Guava and Mata Kuching (similar to Longan).

If you get the opportunity to meet my Mum, she will whip-out my embarrassing childhood stories of climbing trees and eating Rambutans and Mangosteins for breakfast. Even before I brushed my teeth, I can be sighted gathering some Rambutans left behind by crows and sitting at a corner to savour my healthy fruit breakfast. I was very young then. The age of innocence.

Before you jump into any conclusion of me being such an unhygienic little girl... eating stuffs left behind by crows. Eeewwww! Your Mother never teach you....??? Let me explain. The crows love to eat Rambutans and they will usually feast on a seed. But Rambutan always grow in bunches. So, usually the crows will accidentally drop some whilst feasting on another. Being a small little girl of about 3-4 years old, I obviously took the easy way out (still do) rather than plucking it myself.

Those were the days when parents were too busy to bother with us and we were not bothered with the hussle and bustle of life. All we did was hang out, literally, on a Rambutan tree. Lunch and afternoon tea was a buffet of Rambutan. Find your branch and have your heart-fill of those delicious fruit!

There was no Math tuition, Piano classes, Drum classes, art and craft or Lego to build. There was Tree Climbing. No, not Rock Climbing. Tree Climbing. From tree to tree. Those were the monkey days. Hmm... now it explains why my boys are like ....

In Bangkok you would have to pay almost THB2,500 per month (RM250 /USD80) of 4 sessions to go for Gymboree / Gymnastic. I had all this climbing for free!!

We used to climb REAL trees....

....Not a Papaya Tree!!!!

Is it even a tree? More like a stump. Poor boys.

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allthingspurple said...

This is such a witty post ! haha yea. papaya trees are kind of hard to climb. I remember those days of tree climbing too. We used to climb the biggest mango tree we could find. Those which tower over roof tops, cos those has most branches and most bunches of fruits. reading your post reminds me of my childhood,

momstheword said...

Yes, We used to climb trees too. My boys kind of missed out on that. So they climbed fences instead of trees. We had a lot more freedom when we were little than they had.

BTW, about your comment: Yes, hormones can be annoying!! Glad we're all in it together.