Sunday, December 14, 2008

Economy of Thailand

The global financial crisis has not been helpful to the economy of Thailand. Unfortunately, due to the closing of the Suvarnabhumi Aiport by protectors, there would be loss of job predicted to be 1 million, next year.

I have heard that the tourism industry was the worst affected and they have already started retrenching employees.

Few days ago, I went to Pratunam Shopping centre, it was so deserted. I went to a particular shop at about 2pm and she told me that I was the first customer. Of course, it was slightly easier to bargain and they were not too stingy in giving out discounts.

Hotels which usually have occupancy rate of 80% to 100% during this period of time was only 12% full and some even less.

I am really sad for the industry and all the innocent Thai people whose livelihoods are affected.


They really need our prayers.


shoppingmum said...

Maybe I went there on public holiday the other day, so Platinum was still crowded to me.
But you are right, the economy is getting worse after the seize. I went to Suvarnabhumi 2 times since last week, and gosh, it's not the same as before. Really less people especially tourists now.

Kelly said...

It looks as though the economy is hitting everyone hard!! Found your blog via Alicia!! Love the layout!! Have a blessed week ahead!