Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Back Hurts... Ouch!

I definitely was not in the right mind when I went out shopping that day wearing... heels. Vanity hits without warning, sometimes. Since the birth of Joel, 12 years ago, I have only worn heels at special occasions but never for long periods of time. Not that high heels, anyway. It doesn't take Einstein to guess what eventually happened... aching back. Ouch!

The day after that, I could not bend properly and was walking like a penguin. The massage helped a little. In two days, we will be celebrating Ethaniel's birthday. I did contemplate to cancel it but somehow, did not. I will miss out on all the fun fellowship with friends... I couldn't. No way!

On the day of the party, after most of the visitors went home, I asked Mary to pray for me. She took some olive oil from my kitchen and proceeded to pray for me by laying her hands on my back. After praying for a bit, I tried to turn and still felt the discomfort.

She prayed again.

This time it was gone! The pain was gone! Praise God! I am healed!!! I had the faith that God could heal me and He did!!! I bent and turned. 95% of the pain was gone. I knew I had to rest a little more to rid the other 5%. And I did, the next day. I felt great after that!

Thank God that the miracles which He performed in the bible is still happening today!

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Beth in NC said...

Hallelujah! I love it! God does still heal and I'm glad He touched you. Do not try to look cute while you're doing some serious shopping. ha ha

Bless you!