Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Japanese Restaurant - Mokkori

I would like to introduce an authentic Japanese Restaurant which we visited a few months ago. We have tried to return to it for another 2 more times but each time it was fully packed. Thanks to Sean for introducing it to us. Eventhough its way overdue.

We can see that most of the customers are Japanese. That shows how authentic the food is. Apparently, the Japanese never frequent Japanese Restaurants like Fuji or those run by non-Japanese. I guess, it would be strange to visit a Malaysian Restaurant run by Thai as well. But then again, I am not fussy. As long as the food taste like Malaysian food!

The price is very reasonable and food is very delicious. You can get a bowl of rice with chicken for THB120 (RM12 / USD4). The portions are very big. Unfortunate its just nice for my 2 big eaters.

The tables are long and extremely narrow. KG joined us for lunch that day.

This restaurant is very small and run by a Japanese who shouts his greetings in Japanese. I almost jumped when he did that the last time. I just smiled.

Its along Thong Lor, just at the beginning of the Soi on the right when you turn from Sukhumvit. Sorry, I don't have the exact address.


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shoppingmum said...

I found that there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Sukhumvit, but I never tried any. There is one nice one too, somewhere in Silom, but forgot the name, also owned by Japanese. I'm one of those who go to Fuji, no choice la. Sukhumvit area is hard to get a parking space!

Beth in NC said...

Yummm! That certainly looks good! I wish we had taste-o-vision computers. Ha. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is nice to meet you! I'll keep in touch with you.