Monday, December 8, 2008

I Want a Bike!

I thought that I should share a little about my little boy, Ethaniel. You know, get to know him and for you to know what I have to live with. Other than being really really adorable, affectionate, funny, joyful, cute and many more, he is also Mr Persistent.

What do I mean?

Well, when he wants something, not only is he bold enough to ask it out loud but he can go on and on about it.



Often he reminds me of the parable Jesus told about this man who knocks on the door of his neighbor asking for bread. In the middle of the night. He knocks, knocks and knocks till the neighbor had to wake up from his bed just to give him the bread. Wearing him down.

That sum its up about Ethaniel.

He has got his way of asking...

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"



"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*bigger smile and eye lashing flapping*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*really big smile and touching my arms*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"


*really big smile and touching my arms and hugging me*

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

"Mummy can I have some chocolate?"

Months before his birthday, he had his list of birthday presents which he wanted... from remote control cars, hamsters, dogs and then bicycle. Since we went to Rot Fai Park, he wanted a new bike. I don't blame him, his current one was made in China which we bought from Tesco. I must say that the quality was not as good as expected.

So, we decided to get him one (Phew! Thank God, I can get him off my back!!!)

We checked it out at Sports World but the quality was so-so but pricey. So, we delayed the purchase till the next day or so. Can you imagine the nagging I had to endure???!!!! I won't repeat what he n.a.g to spare you the torture. Anyway.

There was a small shop nearby our Mooban (village) who was the agent for LA, a bicycle made in Thailand. The quality was good and cost THB2,800 (RM280 / USD90) which I thought was reasonable. We bought it.

So, you can see the happy little boy... cycling all around... with this happy little face... with this happy Mummy... relived no one to bug her.... Now, I can go on with my life!

See the joy!!!!

We are the bike riders!!! Man!!!

Thank you, Daddy!

Honestly, I didn't mind buying him the bicycle. I am dying to have them out of the house and getting active around the Mooban. Sweat it out. Get some of those "bugging" energy out of his system!

While at the LA bicycle shop, the Elder brother was coveting a nice mountain bike too. He is not the "asking out loud" type of person. So, he was obviously drooling quietly and hinting gently. Only his parents can really understand this boy. Again, its a healthy habit to be cycling around. So, OK, OK, Christmas came early.

Joel with his new bike. You should have seen the smile on his face.

We cannot have the Elder Brother drooling over his younger brother's bike. Can we? No, of course not. All those salty saliva will cause rust.

And we absolutely cannot have that!

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shoppingmum said...

That's where I got my kids' bikes too! And Ethaniel, congratulations on your new bike.

goolypop said...

aiyar.. why my parents not as generous as ethaniel korkor's?

-Quote fr. Goolyboy, age 3 3/4

Angela said...

I bet they were happy.
It is amazing how sibilings can be so different.

I am a bit worried about my next child. Gregory is a pretty easy child to care for. I just may have my hands full

irish daisies said...

oh he looks so happy so sweet of you getting him that bike. LOL i rememeber those wonderful days.

Kellan said...

He's a cutie and this was such a cute post! I love the new bike and the photos! My kids nag and nag too - tee hee!

Take care- Kellan