Friday, May 29, 2009

Did It Happen to You, too?

Have you ever experienced this?

Did it ever happen to you?

When you are bored and restless and hoping someone will call. They don't.

When you are very busy and you will have 3 of your friends calling on the phone. Wanting to chat.

You don't go out with the girls too often. But when you do. Some kind of family emergency ... children gets sick, babysitting your niece, the dog vomits or something will emerge and you have to cancel or postpone the appointment.

You need to go to the bank at a very busy area of town and somehow by miracle you managed to get a parking. So, you pay for the parking ticket and proceed to the bank. But you discovered that you parked much further than you thought and so you walked the distance under hot sun. Upon reaching the counter, the Customer Service was out for lunch and you end up having to return an hour later and wasted your parking ticket. Then when you return later, it was impossible to get a parking, so, you had to round 3-4 times and waited 5 more minutes before getting an illegal carpark. When you went to the counter, the Customer Service told you that you didn't bring the necessary documents to do the transaction and you were ready to explode!

Well, that happened to me!

Sometimes life is just so annoying!!!

P.S. I am just so curious how my friends manage to know that the other 2 wanted to call too... This is a conspiracy!

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reanaclaire said...

hey is the 2nd time i see the word "annoying"... someone wrote in my chatbox that i m ugly and annoying.. i wonder who that is.. hahaha.. anyway, as for yr case, it happens to me too.. somehow, someway, things dont turn out as we plan at times... our journeys of life is not always smooth, huh?
anyway, thank God for each day we can still rant our hearts out here.. :)