Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimming Competition

After joining the competitive swimming class for a month, Joel has been arranged to join a competition.  According to the Coach, “It will encourage him to be more competitive and motivated”.  Hopefully.  Anyway.



So, this coming weekend, he will be in two events.  Breast stroke and freestyle 50m. 



He told me this morning….


“I am so nervous about this weekend.” 


“How if my swimming trunks fall off?”


“My goggles drop out?”


“My swimming trunk gets all wet before entering the pool because I was pissing-in-my-pants?”



I am excited for the young man.  How about it?  Spending Mother’s Day hanging out at a poolside, humid and hot weather for a whole day… With many children screaming, hanging around and half naked. Hmm… why not?  Anything for my son.







Mama Mia said...

Hi. All the bes to your boy. :)

reanaclaire said...

yes..anything for our kids.. that is what a mum is for...