Saturday, May 16, 2009

Water Works - Syabas

After staying in our rented home in Malaysia for about 1 week, the problems in the house began to creep up one by one. Sometimes two by two :-(

One of the most frustrating thing was to discover that our whole house water supply is accessed through a small little tank. To top the cream-on-the-cake, the water flow into the tank through a pipe which trickles ... like my little boy's pee ... I mean, takes forever.

I almost went into a panic when there was no water supply in the master bedroom toilet, then the children's toilet... Even after waiting for a whole night. The plumber was called in for a rescue and the diagnosis was the pipe problem i.e. the source coming from the main pipe into our home.

I called the Syabas people at about 4pm and the guess what? They were "knocking" on our road at 9am the next day!!

I was shocked!

Awe strucked!

They must have gotten the wrong address!

Malaysian government department has changed that much since we left 3 years ago???!!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Syabas workers making good progress

See the old pipe?

Good job and well done!!! Thumbs up to Syabas!

We related this to few of our friends and neighbours and they too were shocked at the promptness of the Syabas workers.

So, the conclusion was... This is not a normal behaviour of the Syabas workers but it was because God was merciful to me and caused a miracle to happen. It was nothing short of a miracle, honestly.

There were the baskets of laundry to wash, plates to clean, floor to mop, meals to cook, vegetables to clean, hands to rinse, body to scrub and the list goes on....

You want a miracle? I just had one!

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