Thursday, May 14, 2009

SMS to Lawyer

I was going through my archives and managed to find the SMS which I sent to Mr Ong, the Lawyer. After this SMS, he reacted with so much of hoo-haa.. I have re-read this SMS many times to know what insensitive and rude words which have been used to caused such a HUGE reaction in Mr Ong... till he has refused to communicate either through SMS, email or phone call to us...

I feel as if we are 6 years old children in kindergarten playground.

All he could have done was to say, "I am unhappy with blah blah blah, please do not repeat it again". But instead he chose silent treatment. I pity his wife. Maybe I should send her a card to cheer her up. What do you think?


You be the judge.

The SMS was sent via internet. I have a lelong account which I could send SMSs and it only cost 15 sen per sms rather than THB10 per SMS from Thailand to Malaysian mobile.


Pt. 1. Mr Ong, I tried to email you but it bounced back. So, I am going to SMS you the email in summary. A few part.

Pt 2. My real estate agent said 8% already given. Pls bank in at Maybank xxxxxx - ASAP.

Pt 3. V hv updates from FIL but not full info. Very difficult. Pls contact us directly to update. Becoz we dont know what's happening there.

Pt 4. I think that wld b more professional. No miscommunication. So, now that v hv the 8%. What else? FYI. We will be away from 15Dec-1Jan.

Pt 5. If u hv doc for signature. Send today via DHL & it will arrive by Fri/Sat. Let me know if u r sending.

Pt 6. So, I do expect you to contact us directly on what its going to happen in the next few days/weeks. TQ.

The end of SMS


Are you as confused as I am?

They say women is sensitive. Really?

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i hope you are doing well. have a great weekend I will post that immune builder post very soon. I can say mgc-7 is the best :) good for any body type