Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Guess Who Visited?

The trap was laid out at the back since 2 days ago. All I needed was some bread. I was wondering if it will work...

How I initially discovered the unwelcomed guest was.... It made a rude intrusion into the kitchen and made an even more abrupt get-away when I went downstairs to get some water. Oh no, another one. Eeewww... I hate pest!

Ethaniel and Joel proudly showing off "the hunted one"

I don't like pest but I have no fear of it or any qualms if I need to squash a huge cockroach, trap a rodent... incidentally, I have killed a rat with my bare hands. It was quite a traumatic experience. I had just wanted to stop it from going out through the hole but instead I suffocated the fella. My story, "The exciting life of a teenage girl".

BBQ rodent, anyone?

I honestly don't know who/what else will be making a visit soon. What is this? Why are there so many pest in this concrete jungle I stay in?

This Mummy job thingy is getting tougher by the minute.... Now, Pest Controller. Sigh.

BTW, we drowned the fella. No funeral. Good riddance.

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reanaclaire said...

if it keeps coming, that means there is a ..a... pack somewhere..
why i know? cos my mum's house same.. each night can catch one.. in the end 20 over mice my mum caught in the trap..small ones .. finally, we found out their nest.. right behind the old armchair..they sneaked up and made a good comfortable house for their clan..