Monday, May 18, 2009

A Mother's Pride and Joy

My young man, after his warm up

"Great job! I am proud of you", I was smiling and beaming from ear to ear. The feeling of pride of a Mother towards their child is so precious that its kinda difficult to describe. It probably feels greater seeing him accomplishing it than having achieved it myself.

Joel is standing on platform No. 8

Just like I rather experience the pain, disappointment and sickness myself than to see my children having to go through it.


A mother's love knows no bounds. I wonder how evolution managed to design that into a women. No way!

The late morning heat was getting to me, actually all of us. Ethaniel, Hubby and I was sweating. Trying to brush off the heat, I spoke to a Mother and later read the Sunday Times. Everybody waits. Patiently. Nobody complains, anxious or fidgety. Except Ethaniel and Joel. First timers.

The stadium packed with parents

What do you do while waiting for your turn to swim? Wait. That's all you can do, really. Anyway, now we know what to bring.... some books, MP4, maybe laptop, paper to draw, a paper fan and preferably a TV too! The parents wait around, chatting.

Do you see the mussels? I mean, muscles?

It's all worth it, anything for our children.

Joel clocked 47 seconds compared to his training time of 53 seconds for the freestyle 50m.

Good job!

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JO-N said...

No need to explain, Chris, most if not every mother would understand.

Well done, Joel. Keep it up!

CY said...

Well done, Joel. Uncle Tang and family are all proud of you. Keep up the good work and make your Mom and Dad proud.