Saturday, December 1, 2007

Preparation for Ethaniel's birthday

I woke up 7am this morning. The part-time Filipino maid was already waiting at the gate. Oops! Still giddy with sleep, I unlocked the gate for her.

At about 7.35am I left for the market ("Talad" in Thai) with Mom to purchase all the foodstuff for cooking and only returned home at 9.30am. It took me the whole day to finish cooking everything in the menu:

Mee Rebus

  1. Mee Rebus
  2. Spaghetti Bolognoise
  3. Baked chicken
  4. Stir-fried black pepper beef
  5. Black jelly drink
The thing which took the most effort and time was the Mee Rebus. Phew! That was tedious. Thank God for the help of my Mom and the part time Filipino maid.

Joel did a good job on the games. He made it simple and very easy for the young children. All of them had a great time! Even the adults had a great time playing Taboo. Ethaniel had a great time eating his birthday cake, singing his birthday song and opening up his presents!

Presently I am typing this blog (11pm), Ethaniel came downstairs and said "Thank you for doing all the cooking tonight, Mom. And I am hungry!" I had to reheat the pasta for him. Well, that's all in a days work for the Mom.

Check out the pictures . I am pooped! Its been a long day.

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