Sunday, July 20, 2008

8 July 2008, Tuesday (Malaysia Trip - Day 2)

We made a trip to visit my elder brother. You know, the one whom I blogged about a few months ago. His wife has just given birth to a baby girl.

Other than visiting his little baby girl, we had food in mind. Bah Kut Teh. Its a pork stew dish, very famous in Klang. Happens to be Ethaniel's favorite too. Actually, Joel and I love it too.... especially me.... So, I just have got to have it!!

All of us at the restaurant

We picked KL, my nephew from Subang Jaya and head towards Klang. We were not disappointed, the food was good. After brunch, the children spent the afternoon watching Kung Fu Panda DVD.

From left: Joel, Ethaniel, Mom, J.A. (my niece) and KL (my nephew)

My elder brother, the dotting Daddy

Bah Kut Teh, the pork stew dish... Oooohhh.... Yummy!!!

The new shopping centre, AEON Jaya Jusco was around the corner, so, we headed there to do some window shopping around 4pm.

Later, we had dinner with my parents at a function invited by a friend. Going into the 3rd dish, I saw the guy next to me lighted a cigarette and puffing away. I am a little paranoid about smoking. Cannot stand the smell. So, I tried to fan the smoke away... but it didn't really work. So, I tapped the guy's shoulder and gestured to him stop smoking. He looked away puzzled and spoke to his friend.

About 20 minutes after that, I could feel the air in that aircond hall thicken with smoke. Upon turning to the back portion of the large hall, I could see thick smoke everywhere. I have not seen that many smoker in one hall for a long long time. I almost suffocated! My life was shortened by a year after inhaling all those smoke, at the minimum, that night....

Now I understand why the guy next to me was puzzled. There was easily 100 smokers puffing away at the back of the hall and yet, this strange lady stopped him from smoking. Thinking about it just cracks me up!

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CY said...

Aren't u glad then that Thailand has imposed "No Smoking" in every restaurant?