Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hanging Out At The Mamak Stall

Malaysia is well known for its "Mamak Stall" culture.

Going back to Malaysia, I was dying to hang out for some "teh tarik" and "nasi lemak".

I was introduced to a "nasi lemak panas" along Jalan 222, near Hino building by my good friend, CH. The road is dark and deserted but upon approaching the stalls, it was crowded! On a Thursday night at 11pm, there was hardly any seats.

Going there again for the 2nd time on a Friday at about 11pm too. It was overwhelmingly busy and tables were set up on the sides of the street. Wow!

CH trying to pose some position for Ethaniel's camera shots

Everyone amused... JL, YY & YP

The delicious "nasi lemak"

Is this delicious or what? Nasi lemak and Milo ice

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