Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Children Says the Darndest Things

The thing about Ethaniel, his feet sweats especially after a long day of walking. So, whenever he takes out his sandals in the car, the smell often kills us.

So I have decided to purchase a pair of Geox snickers for Ethaniel... "The shoe that breathes".

He was very excited to wear the snicker to church. After the church, as usual, we always go for lunch. Whilst at lunch, Ethaniel took off his snickers. I was puzzled, so, I asked him...

Me: Hey, Ethaniel, how come you took out your Geox snickers.

Ethaniel: Its hot.

Me: Its not suppose to be hot, its "The shoe that breathes"

Joel without hesitating a moment and responded, "That's why its dying!"


CY said...

Haha..way to go Joel.
Uncle CY

Angela said...

too funny