Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Is The Camera Bag???!!!!

Its always a nightmare when traveling and having misplaced a luggage. Of course, its not worst than loosing your passport. That would be the ultimate NIGHTMARE.

Anyway, today, we experienced the 2nd worst nightmare.... misplacing a bag. A very expensive, camera bag.

We realised this missing bag when we arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!! An hour after we left our accommodation. That's an awfully long time.

Panic! Panic! Panic!

Everyone tensed.

Joel and I started to pray. To ask God to help us find the camera... or to convict the person who found it to return it back to us. In fact, Joel started praying way before I asked him. Quietly sitting down and praying. After that Ethaniel and hubby prayed.

I also prayed that God will use this incident to show to the children that He is a prayer answering God. That nothing is too difficult for Him and that He is able to do the almost impossible stuffs. A miracle!

Tracing back our thoughts, we realised that we did leave it behind. We did not take it to the Airport!

Trying to see who would be able to assist us.... We made a few calls.... To Daniel - my neighbour, Siew Mei - the minimart owner, my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law.

Everyone was so kind as to assist by going to the location to look for the item. Unfortunately, it was no longer there. Sigh. Since the RM3,000 (THB30,000 / USD1,000) camera belonged to my hubby... He was obviously the saddest person to receive the news.

It was really difficult to see him sad, frustrated, upset and disappointed.... All I could do was to give him a hug and told him that on the bright side, he will get a new camera!!! It didn't really help to cheer him up, though....

About 30 mins before boarding, we received a call from Daniel, my neighbour and said that someone by the name of Alan found the bag! Incidentally they were in the same lift together. Alan asked Daniel if he loss the camera and Daniel explained that it wasn't him but his neighbour. That's when we asked my brother-in-law, Kerwin to contact Alan to regain possession of the camera.

I was jumping for joy!!!!

God is good!!!

Thank God for honest people like Alan!!! Thank you, Alan!

Thank God for good and helpful neighbours like Daniel!!!! Thank you, Daniel!

Thank you Kerwin for collecting it back!!!

Hubby with his beloved camera

Joel said this while we were waiting for our flight (after the incident but before we recovered the camera)....

...."Usually when trials happen, its when God wants to teach us something"

Hmm... bulls-eye, my son! Children often has Words of Wisdom to teach us adults.

I think all of us learned various lessons today. But the greatest of them is that my children see with their own eyes that God is an ever present help in times of trouble and that we can go to Him for help and He WILL help. That is a more powerful lesson that 300 bible study put together.

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CY said...

God is good! So glad to hear that Ivan got it back. Now u can take plenty of cameras when u come over here. Plenty of good scenes. No need to go to Rama 9 Ivan. It's right here in my garden!