Saturday, July 5, 2008

Relaxing Day at the Spa

A few days ago, I spend the whole day with a bunch of ladies... . Eventhough they accompanied their hubbies to Bangkok because of a conference, while the hubbies (including mine) are busy at the conference, we were busy boosting the economy of Thailand. It's an important job, you know.

I was playing tour guide.

The plan.... Shopping. Spa. Eating. And some more shopping....

Spa is like the "in thing" for people all over Thailand. Their hotels and resorts everywhere provides this service. I have stayed in Bangkok for 2.3 years but have just gone for a spa treatment, once. A few months ago.

All of us were very excited and was really looking forward to this new package of spa treatment which I purchased recently. It includes a body scrub, body mask, sauna, jacuzzi and a Swedish massage. Ooooohhh. Being treated like a queen for 2 hours. Like Cleopatra. Hmm... nice.

All of us had our individual rooms with a lady masseur. It began with a scrub then shower and then a body mask & sauna, then jacuzzi, shower and ended with a nice Swedish massage.

All of us went in tensed but after the treatment, EVERYONE looked fresh and FELT fresh.

This spa thingy, I think its something that I can get used to ;-)

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