Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arrived Safely

The children and I have arrived safely in Malaysia since 7 July 08, Monday.

The flight was on time, food was good, flight attendants were pleasant and friendly. No, I am not paid to advertise for Thai Airways. The children enjoyed the flights anyway. They each had a can of Coca-cola. Small little things do bring a lot of joy... especially to children.
At Suvarnabhumi Airport.... having to leave Daddy behind...

In the Suvarnabhumi Airport, this lollipop attracted Ethaniel. He wanted to purchase this THB340.00 lollipop! Its huge!

After my Mom picked me up from the airport we went back to our old Condo which is currently void of tenant. We have not stayed there for almost 2.5 years. Sad to say, the condition is not like how it looked when we left it.

We spent hours cleaning and washing the place. Joel and Ethaniel did their share of helping.

Joel and Ethaniel mopping the floor and cleaning the toilet, respectively.

Mom was busy having her lunch... all the fruits I brought back from Thailand

After all the cleaning up and washing, we went over to my in-laws and thereafter to my Sister.

The day ended beautifully at a hawker centre full of my favorite food. We had Wan tan mee, char kueh teow, satay, clay pot rice, ABC, mee rebus, yin yong noodles... Burp! That was good.

More stories coming up when I get the chance...

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