Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get-Together With Old Friends from BFC

Just before I left for Bangkok, 2.4 years ago, I was working with a football centre in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Everytime I return to Malaysia, that is if its not a short hurry trip, I will surely have a get together with them. In the last 2.4 years, we have had 3 get-togethers, including the last one on 13 July 2008, Sunday.

We had delicious Malaysian food and heaps of laughter, fun and updates on the latest happenings.

A big "Thank You" to AS for organising the get-together and of course allowing us to use her home.

Coach V (Brazilian), Judy, David, daughter, Nicholas, Coach Lama (Brazilian), me & AS

The students and parents are close to me. Actually, they are a great bunch of people whom I had grown to enjoy and love. Jokes and laughters are common while we get together. I have known some of them since the day they enrolled into the centre... almost 4-5 years ago.

This last get-together coincided with one of the family migrating to Australia, David & family. All the best to you, David!

Brazil Football Centre parents

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JO-N said...

It's great to meet so many old friends in a gathering, at least you don't have to visit them one by one.

Angela said...

Glad you had good time

It is interesting to see how people change over the years.