Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day Out at Rot Fai Park

The Bangkok Homeschoolers had a day out at Rot Fai Park. Its our family's first visit to this place eventhough it's very near to Chatuchak Park. We had almost perfect weather. Cool and windy.

The children and I really enjoyed ourselves. It was a great park! Why didn't I discover it earlier???

Rental of bicycle was only THB20 (RM2) per bike for a whole day. The bicycle was in great condition and fun to ride. There were practically hundreds to choose from.

In Thai, its called Suan Rot Fai

My children really enjoyed this part... Its a replica of Bangkok road, equipped with traffic lights. The only thing missing was the Bangkok traffic.

Ethaniel really liked this bike... I want a new bike, Mummy!

The boys having a great time, sweating it out!

Do you see my pink bike? So girlie..

Ethaniel playing with J, 15 years old homeschooler at the lunch table.
He likes Ethaniel... kept pinching his face and say, "So cute". It was so funny. Who says that homeschoolers don't have social skills? A 7 years old playing perfectly well with a 15 years old.
They genuinely liked each other.

This is my 2nd time going out with this little boy. It was difficult to get him smile or to hold my hand. His Mummy says that he is shy. After a few hours later, I came over to him and told him to give me a smile. He looked over his shoulder for his Mummy but Mummy was not around. He decided that its OK to smile. I am so proud to have had captured this photo. So cute.

We were there from 11am to about 3pm. With an hour lunch break inbetween.

There is a small swimming pool but we didn't bring extra clothings, so, the children go for a dip.

Great place for the family to hang-out! We will definitely be back!

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JO-N said...

Definitely a good place for children and adults to be in touch with nature. I think what my children lack is that - in touch with nature!

Angela said...

That sounds like a fun place.