Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mission Trip: Near Misses

We went to visit the Pastor's Mom's home to pray for her.

She lives in an orchard. Full of fruit trees. The children and I was very excited to see Sandorica tree. They definitely have not climbed this tree before.

In my excitement to join them, I was standing below a tree, feasting on a freshly plucked Sandorica fruit and then suddenly I heard a loud "Thud!" I jumped. I turned behind to see this huge bamboo lying on the floor. The man on the tree looked at me and with his hand, he showed me, how near I was to being a "pancake" .... 5 inches.

This huge bamboo were so near to hitting me

I stared at it and made baby steps to leave *shivering and shaking* . All the while saying, "Thank you, God"

Passion fruit vs Sandorica fruit

Ethaniel enjoying a climb on the Sandorica tree

3 sackful of Sandorica to be brought to the children at the hostel


After that, we went to the Hostel.

While waiting to talk with the young girls at the hostel, I sat under a tree and looked through my photos in my camera.

In no time at all, we were gathered at the small little bamboo hut with all the girls gathered around. Suddenly, I have 4 sets of eyes staring at me. They looked a little strange. It was a controlled expression.

Hadasah told me that she will take something out of my hair. Which I cooly said, "OK". She retrieved a plastic bag nearby and went to my hair and quickly pulled something away.

After that, the girls expressed their shocked look. They wanted to scream but Hadasah stopped them. Everyone tried to rub away their goose bumps. Apparently, there was a huge white hairy caterpillar on my hair.

I didn't dare to go out to look for that squashed caterpillar but I can just imagine how huge it must be. You know, these girls are tribal girls who lives in the jungle. They live amongst the wild. If they can be this shocked.... It must have been a huge fella *shaking*

Thank God for His protection.

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Angela said...

Oh shudder I am glad they got it out of your hair and glad you didn't get squashed
what a trip