Monday, September 15, 2008

What's With The 2nd Child?

Many parents have talked about their 2nd child as if they were delivered by aliens or their origins are from Mars or something to that effect.

Ethaniel is the 2nd child.

He is different from my 1st born.

This 2nd child in the family seems to be

..... tough like leather.

..... never takes "no" for an answer.

..... test your parenting skills to the max!

..... persevering like Job from the bible.

.... wants it and it has to be now.

..... stubborn like a bull.

..... survival instincts which beats the "Survival" TV series, anytime.

.... fun like crazy.

..... overflowing with love like the Niagara falls.

.... warm and fuzzy like a bear.

.... humorous like a clown.

.... indispensable like an air-cond in a hot summer night.

.... adorable, adorable, adorable and absolutely adorable...

They are joy and pain all rolled into one.

If given a choice, I'd rather not have the latter.


Lee-Lian said...

2nd child is wonderful. I mean look at me and you know it's the truth haha!! We 2nd child bring so much thoughtfulness, maturity, insight, wisdom into the family. Though Ethaniel, King-Li and myself are all 2nd child, we are individuals and definitely have many characteristics the 1st born lack. Many books have written about the 1st born, youngest and the middle child. The mystery of the 2nd child still remains. Often taken for granted, we have to fend for ourselves and be the opposite of others just to get some attention. We are loyal, loving and tough as a nut. I have lots more to say but you might be bored already :)

wen said...

haha! in a way, its true! at least for me..

Kellan said...

Joy and pain rolled into one is right! I was second born and you describe me exactly.

Take care - Kellan

Angela said...

He just wouldn't be himself if there wasn't both sides.
Sounds like a great combination in his personality.

cc said...

First or second, they're all beautiful creation of love. :)

JO-N said...

Your description of the second child is wonderful! Joy and pain come in a package and we are not given the opportunity to choose, hahaha.