Monday, September 1, 2008

What Does He Really Want To Do?

We discovered a frozen lizard in the freezer today. Incidentally, Joel saw the lizard running into the freezer and closed the door.

Ethaniel was saddened by the frozen, hardened and dead lizard.

Ethaniel: Lord, we pray that you make the lizard become alive again. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

After waiting 4 seconds.

Ethaniel: It's not alive. Its frozen still.

Me: You really want it to become alive?

Ethaniel: Yes. I want it as a pet.

Joel: That will be scary if it actually comes back to live!

Ethaniel continues to poke the lizard with a pencil. And more chatting between Joel and Ethaniel.

Joel: Turn the lizard around so that it will run to you when it becomes alive. Since you prayed for it to resurrect. *cheeky smile*

Horror look on Ethaniel's face.

Ethaniel: If we defroze it, will it become alive again? If we cut it up... maybe we can see if it has eggs inside?

Joel: How if we cut you up and see if you have some eggs inside.

Ethaniel: No. *innocent look* See I don't have eggs *lifting up his t-shirt to prove his point*

Ethaniel looked at me with sad eyes and said...

"So poor thing, ......"

"Can we cut it up and cook it... maybe boil it and make a fire and burn it up. What do you think huh, Koh Koh (Joel)?"

Honestly, I was confused between his compassion and sadistic behaviour towards the lizard.

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JO-N said...

Did you ask him further? I'm curious to know the reason for the sudden change too.