Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seeing Myself In My Children

Friends say Joel looks like hubby.

Friends say Ethaniel looks like me.

Its quite true.

Ethaniel does take after me... more than just the good looks... is the cheeky sense of humor, playfulness and warm personality.

There is another thing he has taken after me *not so proud to admit* is his eating habit.

Joel and hubby eats whatever they order at the restaurant. If its chicken rice or noodle. They are happy to enjoy and finish just that.

But when Ethaniel and I orders something, we usually enjoy and finish it too. But we also covet Joel and Daddy's chicken rice and noodle and maybe the food at the next table. To us, that makes a meal complete. Slurp!

I see it so clearly this morning at breakfast....

Ethaniel was eating his Mama noodles... He requested for a bowl of my duck rice which I was eating and then he took a piece of BBQ pork and placed it on his plate. Later, his older brother was eating Maggie Mee... He begged for it relentlessly eventhough his older brother refused to share, citing he has eaten too much.

While Joel walked into the kitchen to take a glass of water, Ethaniel quietly took a bite of his noodles.

I hope that is the ONLY annoying habit he has taken after me...

*secretly knowing that will not be the last thing I see myself in him*


irish daisies said...

both are so cute. Kids change so much over the years. I still see my kids as little ones. we still look back with such fond memories. my son couldnt say his r's so friend would be fwiend. I heard a little girl say fwiend a few days ago.. brought back such great memories... My favortie word we still use today is stinky mudd..(son stepped in dog poop and said he stepped in stinkey mudd)! still makes us laugh today!

junjie. said...

secretly i hope it's not the last thing the kids inherit from the mum so that more interesting posts will come in the future. :P kids nowadays somehow or rather resemble their parents. i wonder if my mum or dad was as rebelious as i am now. hmmm.

shoppingmum said...

I'm still in the midst of searching for resemblance. But one thing I know, my gal can eat as much as me. :P

Angela said...

Yes what other people eat sounds so good sometimes.

At least you have someone to share this Um gift with