Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ethaniel's 1st Sleepover

I believe that childhood memories last a lifetime. Childhood friends are special ... There is a special compartment in our heart for them.

I have been trying to organise a sleepover for Ethaniel, preferably someone around his age. This has been planned way before summer break. So at last, we managed to squeeze it into the schedule.

Josh came over at about 4.30pm on that Saturday. They started with a bike ride all around our Mooban (village) together with Joel and Ethaniel. The excited boys was gone before I could run after them... to take a photo. So, I did not have a photo of their cycling adventure.

Later, it was swimming. Eventhough it was almost 6pm, the children were keen to go for a splash at the pool. Its always fun to play and splash around with friends. Its just magical moments to be playing in water, for a child, that is.

The effects of water and play is a combination of 3 very hungry boys! Good thing dinner was cooked before we went to the pool. Simple and delicious. Josh ask, "This is delicious, can I have the recipe?" It was porridge with minced pork balls. I was flattered that this 7 years old boy wants my porridge recipe.

Ethaniel, Josh & Joel

Playing at the pool with a huge plastic boat which floats

Yes, they had PSP moments of non-interaction

Josh has a routine before he goes to sleep, just like every children. His Daddy will tuck him in, read him the bible and kiss him goodnight. My children quickly picked up the queue.

Joel read the bible to both of them.

Prayed for all of them.

Ethaniel tucked Josh to bed....kissed him....

.... and all of them laughed and went to bed.

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shoppingmum said...

This is sweet. The boys spent a great time together. :)

Raynebow said...

So cute - one small boy tucking another small boy to bed! :-))