Thursday, September 4, 2008

Merdeka! Eating! Talking! Hanging!

The Independence Day of Malaysia was celebrated on 31 August.

We, the Malaysians in Bangkok hardly feel the effect... there was no fireworks, no public holiday, its just like any normal day.

Coincidentally, a group of us Malaysians went out for lunch - not to celebrate "Hari Merdeka" but just to hang out, fellowship and of course, eat. The most favorite past time of Malaysians. What a way to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day.... The Malaysian way.

My friend S told me about this buffet lunch which is on during summer holidays annually. Buy 1 free 1. So, we all went to Amari Atrium along Petchaburi road in Bangkok.

The place is great for parents and children. There are great and various activities catered especially for the children. They could cook pasta, make candy floss, build legos, eat dinosaur candies and a very delicious-every-child's-dream-chocolate-fountain with unlimited flow. Aaarrrggghhh!!! Would have been my ultimate dream - when I was a child. Not anymore. How sad.

Joel was totally exhilarated with the chocolate fountain. Look at that face. Pure joy! Background is Goolypop and Owen. My new blogger friend.

Ethaniel... Oops, I mean Winnie the Pooh

The men busily eating away ....

S, me & SH posing for the camera while waiting for our seats

It was a good weekend because 3 bloggers hung out and met for the first time, Tang, Goolypop & me.

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irish daisies said...

oh that looks like he is having so much fun with his chocolate-fountain..i have one too! love it!

cc said...

What a fun gathering. It's funny how we Malaysian always gather to eat. LOL

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

JO-N said...

Wow, that's indeed a wonderful way to celebrate merdeka! Here in KL, I don't feel the effect either. Previously, we see lots of cars with malaysian flags on but now, we hardly see any.

CY said...

Oh yeah, we did have a wonderful time,didn't we? And sorry, so busy that I was not reading your blog or any ones blog recently, so a lot of catching up to do..:)

junjie. said...

bah i missed independence day! which i missed a day of holiday on monday! pfft. is Ethaniel stuck btw? he looks like he is having trouble getting his head out of Winnie the Pooh's wrath.

allthingspurple said...

Malaysian being Malaysian, anything for an excuse to get together for "makan".haha.