Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best Smell In The World

On a hot Monday afternoon, he was sitting across the table and then he walked over to my side and slipped up to my lap. We did the Math together.

4 + 6 =

I wrote on the book.

He counted and answered "10".

We did a few more of it and while waiting for him to count....

My face was just behind his little head.

I bend down and sniffed the back of his head and neck.

A mixture of shampoo, soap, sweat and body odour. I took a few deep breath and more sniffs... Just like how dogs like to smell their beloved owners...

I thought to myself... The sweaty smell of my little boy.

This is the best smell in the world... Make way Gucci, Givency....


cc said...

That's so sweet!

Kellan said...

Yes it is. I just did this very thing to Little Billy this afternoon when he was sitting at the dining table doing his homework - bent over and smelt the back of his neck. Sweet!

Take care and see you later - Kellan