Monday, September 29, 2008

They Survived

The children survived my absence ..... and had fun too. How annoying.

No, I am kidding. Its good that they enjoyed themselves with Daddy.

Let's see... what fun things did they do during the weekend... Had some very delicious Nasi Briyani and Roti Canai. Later to Seacon Square, had fun at Yoyo Land, watched a movie, window shopped and etc.

Joel said that he missed me.... a little.... He was busy having so much of fun. He said, "I had fun even when Mummy's not around". I suspect he felt a sense of achievement that he "outgrew" Mummy for a short weekend.

I quietly felt sad that my 11+ years old boy didn't weep for his Mummy, the way he did when I went to Israel.

Ethaniel on the other hand was almost in tears when we were talking about it this morning .... "Mommy, don't go for any more trips... OK?"

I felt indispensable, again.


irish daisies said...

awww cute that he didnt want u to go on trips anymore

shoppingmum said...

I can't wait to see your photos about the trip. :)

CY said...

yeah, chris. We had fun too with Jason and Joanna though we only stay at home. But then, lots of things to play here too.