Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Up To The Challenge?

I have been an amateur guitarist... all my life.

I picked it up myself and played for fun. Of course, I did play for the Christian Union in school but unfortunately, my skill did not advance further.

I could play that few simple songs...

Lately, I have been challenged... or inspired. But, I think more like challenged.

I songled for the Ladies' Meeting a few weeks ago and a fellow member came over and said that that my tempo was a little out. *very shy* Something which I already knew *sigh*. Looks like I have no choice but to improve my skills or retreat to my small comfortable hole - and stop playing. I wanted to do the latter but... but... I took up the challenge to improve. Its overdue anyway.

To add to that pressure, I will be going for a Women's Retreat this weekend.... And I am the only guitarist they have. Don't ask me where the other guitarist are... maybe retreated to their small comfortable hole. Anyhow, I panicked when I read the songs which the songleader gave to me... Mostly Hillsong. *shivering* Those are the songs I have avoided all my guitair-playing-years... Looks like the challenge has been literally thrown onto my doorstep.

Thank God for I was surfing till midnight looking for ways to improve my strumming skills. My fingers are aching because I have been practicing for almost 20-30 songs.

Why was I challenged and inspired? Well, I thought that since God gave me this small little guitar talent, I might as well use it. To make it worst, I cannot back out because all the other guitarist are not available.

Have you been in a similar situation? No one to do the job, except you. Funny how God uses situations like that to push us to the next level.

You know the Parable of the Talent in the book of Mathew in the Bible? Well, I need my small little talent multiplied. Soon. Preferably by this weekend.


CY said...

Good luck Chris. SH is practising now, so probably can only lend u a hand by beating the beat..but, but, but her beat is also very wrong. :)
Take it easy. OK? U r ok. In fact I would say tht u play very well on the guitar.

Aims said...

I've experienced a very similar situation except that mine was with the piano and with lousy rusty skills! :) They say if there's a will there's a way. With God's help, you'll be okay. :)

Kellan said...

Good for you for not crawling into a hole! My son has just started serious guitar lessons and loves it. I play the piano.

Take care- Kellan

cc of Quaint Melody said...

You are right. Challenges can make us take that extra step to discover something in us we didn't know it's there!