Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Need To Talk

I was down with diarrhea since last week Thursday and started feeling better about two days ago.

The boys were sweet and helpful... Joel cooked lunch i.e. boiled rice, fried eggs with baked beans, marinated the mince pork and had it fried. Then they washed the plates together and cleaned the kitchen.

At home, I lied down on the sofa while doing readings with Ethaniel. Yes, the sick Mom still have to homeschool. I want my Sick Leave! *raising hands to the air*

Feeling sickly, I will fit in a sigh or two... Or grumble that they are making too much noise during play time.... or ask for a glass of water from the kitchen... or ask Ethaniel to massage my back... or just look plain pitiful sickly.

Joel is very observant in his low profile and unassuming ways....

Joel: Mom, I thought you weren't feeling well, still.... But you sure didn't look that sickly when you were in Church... talking with your friends *puzzled innocent face or was it tinged with sarcasm*

Me: Yeah. I was still not feeling well. I could have talked more, if I was feeling better.

Joel: *enlightened look or was it skepticism*

My young man must be thinking that his Mom sure have heaps of things bottled up in her cute little body (all of us know I don't have a "little body", its just a figure of speech). How does she do it???!!!


JO-N said...

You have raised good and smart children and I know you must be proud to have them around.

irish daisies said...

i agree with jo-n. i always feel better with i go to church its like my all in one cure :)i hope you start to feel better very soon.

CY said...

Take Care Chris...U need to recharge for this month end, remember?