Friday, September 5, 2008

Children Are Vulnerable To Secret Sins

I took the opportunity to tell the story of the Pastor from Planetshakers, who admitted to be a porn addict to my children, Joel 11+ and Ethaniel 6+ years old. Its a very important educational lesson.

Eventhough we are homeschoolers, I do not hide my children from the realities that is happening in our world. As what the bible says - temptations, immoralities, lies, deception, covetousness, hate and etc. are among us and its in our every lives.

I cannot hide my children from this fact but I can teach them how to overcome and handle all these situations which they will face from now till the day they die. That's a fact!

Many people are shock that the fallen Pastor was addicted to pornography since the age of 12 years old. His parents are Pastors and there were no pornographic materials in the home, so, where did he get it? The bigger question... How did he manage to hide it?

Its our duty as parents to check on our children. Never fully trust them, for their own sake. Everyone falter sometimes especially when they are starting their journey into adulthood and curiosity. Guidance and wisdom from us are invaluable to these young minds.

I know, I am talking from experience.

Sometimes, if there are intentions to keep a secret sin, they might not reveal. Go to God in prayer and ask God to reveal it to you. God has revealed secret sins in my children's lives and as a result, they have been changed and are receiving daily victories in their lives. It will be too devastating to discover 16 years later that they are bound by addictions which affects their wife, children and community at large.

How about talking to your children today and ask them if they have any struggles which they need help? Judge not but love them to repentance.

That is our duty as parents.


irish daisies said...

it sounds like you are giving your children great advice. i know we did the right thing checking out childrens room.. my kids always tell us we did a great job raising them!

reanaclaire said...

It is not easy to bring up children nowadays but thank God for blessing us with some knowledge, it is easier with Him by our side. As for my kids, they are already in their teens.. during the time they were small, I didnt do much but to send them to sunday school..if I could turn back the clock, I wish I could do much more than that. Thank God, my eldest is very encouraging, he walks closer to God than me.. and he is always telling his siblings to attend church and be more involved with the activities. As for mama here, I am grateful for what God has bless me with, its not easy to be a single parent and its not hard either having Him with me always....

Kellan said...

I couldn't agree more - have to watch and talk and ask questions!

Have a good weekend - nice to see you today - sorry I've been so absent. Take care - Kellan